Making a difference Getting involved in a Section as an adult in Scouting

Ask a young person why they stay in Scouting, and they will probably say because they ‘get something out of it’. This is true for adults in Scouting too!

Being an adult in Scouting can be challenging but also very rewarding. What adults get out of Scouting, depends on what they put in! Adults stay involved for a variety of reasons and some are the same as for young people – it is fun, there is chance to make new friends, and adults get the same opportunity for adventure. There is also the chance for adults to see young people develop and grow, and know they have contributed to it by passing on your skills and abilities and investing time in them.

Giving is often just as rewarding as receiving, and giving your time and effort to Scouting will certainly be very rewarding.

If you are intested in getting involved in 1st Wendover Scout Group then please email